TTC Milestones

July: Met Hubby-to-be!

Mar: Hubby-to-be proposed!
Jul: Stop taking the pill to prepare my body to TTC after the wedding
Nov: Hubby-to-be becomes Hubby!
Dec: Throw out other forms of birth control

Jan: Happily buy POAS's and a baby names book - cuz I know I'll be pregnant soon!  (that's what the nuns used to tell us...)
May: Start to get nervous
June: Appointment with RE #1; orders all the fun invasive tests and recommends we do an IUI; I balk because I fear triplets (hahaha)
Sep: Receive huge box of meds for IVF #1 with RE #1; get into huge fight with RE #1, get our money back and move to RE #2
Oct: Start IVF #1 with RE #2; dominant follicle; talks me into IUI #1 with 2 follies
Nov: During 2ww, sick as a dog - I caught the swine flu; figured the cycle was a bust and that we'd do IVF in Jan - then BFP!  6w us: great hearbeat :) 7w us: great hearbeat :)
Dec: 8w us: great hearbeat :) Released to OB; 1st OB appt @ 9 1/2 weeks: heartbeat gone; D&C - lost baby girl (Gabrielle)

Feb: Get right back on the horse (or at least in the stirrups); decide to do IUI again since it "worked" the first time
Mar: BFP but the first ultrasounds show growth is a few days behind; 6w us: OK heartbeat;
Apr: 7w us: great hearbeat; 8w us: great heartbeat; OB appt @ 9 1/2 weeks - hearbeat gone; D&C - lost baby girl (Emily)
May: Hubby & I move (closer to family but far from RE #2 who we loved)
June: "Celebrate" the big 4-0
July: First appt with RE #3 in New City (a.k.a. Hometown); leave in tears; decide that he is the "best" in this town so decide to stay with him and follow his recommendation: IVF with CCS (PGD on blasts; freeze, test and transfer only chromosomally normal embryos)
Aug: Start lupron and stims
Sep: ER #1 - 13 eggs retrieved, 12 fertilized; Day 3: 12 eggs; Day 5: only 4 blasts; biopsy and send for testing; freeze; Results: 2 chromosomally normal embryos!  ET #1 with single normal embryo: BFN
Nov: ET #2 with final remaining normal embryo; Thanksgiving Day: POAS BFP!!!  Beta #1 sucked...
Dec: Beta #2 sucked; ready for chemical; Beta #3 soars - WTF?  Ultrasounds sucked and they think it might be ectopic; end of month find little guy in the uterus but he's not viable; go off progesterone and wait to miscarry naturally

Jan: Miscarry naturally - it's not that bad physically... Go back for follow-up ultrasound and find out I didn't miscarry; WTF? Take mis*opostrol to induce a miscarriage at home; doesn't work; go in for D&C #3 (Paul James - P.J.) - nearly completely fall to pieces and try to pick myself back up
June: Consult with RE #2 and decide to go back to her for IVF #2 with a fresh 3-day transfer - which means cycling out of town